Our Company
Hove DK is based in the Kingdom of Thailand and our modern production facilities are located close to Bangkok.

We make our expertise of making unique furniture available to all our customers. The customer can utilize this expertise in developing product ideas and solutions for making upholstered and exposed laminated wooden parts or complete products

We make furniture that catches the eye and stands the test of time. Furniture that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and of the highest quality. We aim to make furniture of uncompromising design and construction at reasonable prices.

We are especially competitive in areas such as:

• Laminated furniture components with use of rubber wood, beech wood, teak, maple or cherry veneer
• Solid wood machined wood parts
• Stained and exposed wood parts with finishing based on either NC or PU process
• Stackable Chairs
• Chairs for senior
• Lounge chairs and chairs based on laminated wood components
• OEM products made according to customer’s specifications


Injection Mould.jpg

Laminated Components.jpg